Glisson Summer 2021 Covid-19 Mitigation Policies & Procedures


We’re grateful for the chance to partner with your family to provide faith forming summer camp experiences and we look forward to your being a part of our summer programs in 2021. Your trust in us is a gift that we never take for granted. Keeping our campers and staff safe is at the heart of all we do. 

So as we prepare to open the Glisson gate next summer, we’d like to share with you the ways we’ve adapted our practices, before and during camp, to mitigate the risk of spreading Covid-19. Please know we will continue to monitor developments in the knowledge, tools, and governmental restrictions related to the pandemic and that the following policies and procedures will be subject to change accordingly.



Here are some of the ways your Glisson experience will be different before camp:

  • Out of an abundance of care and precaution, campers with pre-existing conditions for complications with Covid-19 as defined by the CDC are strongly discouraged from attending camp next summer. We will be scanning medical forms to clarify medical conditions before camper check-in.
  • Campers who test positive, show symptoms, or have been exposed to Covid-19 within 20 days of their check-in at camp may not attend and, if more than 20 days, must have a negative test according to CDC guidelines. Camp fees in these cases will be refundable per our refund policies for illness.
  • Should affordable, accurate, rapid testing for Covid-19 become available before summer, we may require a negative test result from each camper during check-in prior to entering camp.
  • A contactless check-in will take place in the parking lot of Lumpkin County High School. It will have staggered arrival times to limit the amount of time camper families wait in line. All administrative facets of check-in will take place in the parking lot and parents will then drive into camp and remain in their cars while campers are assisted by staff in unloading belongings and getting them into their cabins. Parents will NOT be allowed to move campers into cabins or to step out of the car on Glisson property. The camp store will NOT be open during check-in. Families checking in multiple campers may be required to engage the check-in process multiple times, once for each camper.
  • Our regular check-in screening will include temperature checks and, as usual, campers who register a temperature of over 100.2 degrees will not be allowed to enter camp. Because of Covid-19, those campers will be required to both have a normal temperature for 24 hours and a negative Covid test to attend the camp session.
  • Staff will be required to test negative for Covid-19 and will be required to maintain a self-screening log for 14 days prior to their arrival for staff training.


During the camp week a number of proactive mitigation measures and operational changes will be implemented, including the following:

  • We have reduced the capacity of our Village program by one-third, meaning only 10 campers and staff per cabin, to reduce the likelihood of in-cabin exposure allowing us to run camp should positivity rates for the virus in the state of Georgia remain higher than desirable. Should positivity rates indicate a lower incidence of disease, and therefore, risk, we may adjust our capacities upward.
  • We operate camp in “living groups”, small groups of campers that stay together during camp activities. This summer our living groups will be the same as our cabin groups, allowing us to use the best practice of “cohorts”, an internal method of limiting potential virus spread.
    • This means that all this summer’s living groups will be the same gender.
    • Ventilation and spacing will be utilized to minimize exposure of living group “cohort” members who will not be required to wear masks while sleeping or when together in their shared space.
    • Should a camper present with symptoms during camp, that camper, and all campers and staff in the living group, will be isolated and may be sent home. Our refund policy does not allow for a refund in the case of an illness after camp has begun.
    • Use of cabin cohorts will allow us to contact camper families should we learn after camp that a camper was asymptomatically positive while at camp.
  • Typical camp activities involving the assembly of multiple living groups will be altered significantly or eliminated. These changes will include, but not be limited to:
    • Living groups will be seated together at a shared table for meals, as usual. Meals will be served in shifts allowing for spacing between living groups.
    • Chapel services will happen outside with appropriate spacing between living groups, or will happen in living groups.
    • Closing celebration in the Holland Building will not happen. 
  • Campers and staff must wear cloth masks in space shared by living groups (like walking through the dining hall lobby to meals), when activities require close proximity, and during transition times throughout the day.
  • Camp will adhere to regular and thorough prevention and sanitization measures as necessary, including regular use of spray disinfection in public areas and plexiglass separation for sinks at public restrooms.
  • As usual, a member of the Summer Healthcare Team will be on call at all times during camp, and a registered nurse will be onsite 24-7.


  • In the event of a Covid-positive camper or staff member, we will notify those exposed and actively participate in health department contact tracing.
  • We are asking that all families agree to notify us of any Covid-positive diagnosis of their camper or immediate family member in the 10 days following their camp experience so that we can notify our other campers families.

We believe that the combination of all these mitigation efforts, plus others we’ll implement behind the scenes, combined with continued increasing societal awareness and responsibility, and lower positivity rates for the disease in Georgia, will allow us to operate camp this summer. We fully expect to return to camp in Summer 2021.

If, however, Georgia positivity rates climb in ways that aren’t expected and that have not happened this fall, we will monitor and may decide to cancel summer programs once again. If that should occur, please know that should we cancel any of our programs, we will refund all deposits and fees we’ve received for any cancelled programs.


We’re sharing a lot of information here. If any of it is unclear, or if you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 706-864-6181 and/or check the “Key Updates For Summer 2021” section of our FAQs Page.

Thank you for being a part of the Glisson family, especially during this challenging time. We look forward to a wonderful, and safe, Summer 2021!



C. Russell Davis
Executive Director


Posted: Nov 2, 2020

Important Notes: We are in the process of updating the text across the pages on this website to match the above policies. If any program descriptions or policies appear in conflict with what is listed above, please know that this page contains the most up-to-date information. Additionally, please also note that the pictures and videos found on this site were taken during or before Summer 2019 and therefore may or may not reflect the adapted practices and policies listed above. Finally, if you’re curious how we approached Summer 2020, here is an open letter detailing our decision to cancel.