This May the 4th, come to camp! It’s going to be one of the most historic of Holy Dirt days in Glisson’s 94-year history.

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It’s been over a half-century since we’ve dedicated our primary worship gathering space (and we won’t be dedicating another any time soon!). Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson will preside as our extended camp family gathers to praise God for the past, present, and future of ministry here on this Holy Dirt.

Come be part of the first-ever worship service in this expanded space where campers have been gathering for nearly 100 years. Whether it’s been a few days, few years, or few decades – it’s the perfect reason to get back to Glisson!


$10 per plate ($30 family max)

You’re already going to be at camp for the historic moment of dedicating the expanded Chapel. What better way to make the most of your Glisson visit than to mosey through The Quad, along Boys’ Row, and over Cane Creek to the new Dining Hall for a tasty lunch with fellow camp alumni?

And how about a bonus? Everyone at this lunch will be part of launching the first-ever, alumni-driven, multi-generational Alumni Group. No, you won’t be asked for money. Well, except you do have to pay for your lunch…but that’ll be online in-advance. Our Alumni Committee will be on-hand to share and hear ideas for future Alumni events and re-connecting.

We hope you’ll jump on this golden opportunity to double your dose of camp on May 4th (and score a delicious meal faster than you can scramble to the Dahlonega Square). And we’d love to hear any thoughts you might have on ways for alumni to reconnect with camp well beyond their camper and counselor years.

2:00-4:00pm (drop in)

Families of first-time campers are invited to take a self-guided tour of camp, meet our team, and ask questions. Find out more info and RSVP using the button below.