NOTE: This page was updated with finalized details for Summer 2024 on May 2nd.


All campers must have a completed Check-In Form. One week before your camper’s session, we’ll send the email address associated with your camper’s registration a link to download and print the form. Print, fill out, and sign this Check-In Form before you arrive. A completed form is required for check-in. If another adult is bringing your camper to check-in, complete the form beforehand and send it with your camper.

Campers whose payment or registration are incomplete in any way will be contacted via email in the weeks leading up to camp in order to have this completed prior to arrival.


KEY UPDATE FOR 2024: As shared during registration, to streamline our process and minimize the potential for medication errors, we’re introducing a new medication administration system using an industry standard practice called “blister packing”. If you haven’t already, please review our new Medications page.

  • WHAT’S THE SAME: 1) All prescription and over-the-counter medications, supplements, and vitamins must be checked in with our Healthcare Team during drop-off along with a completed Medication Administration Form. 2) Do not send basic over-the-counter meds unless taken routinely. For example, do not send aspirin in case your camper gets a headache; we stock basic over-the-counter medications for minor ailments in our Healthcare Center. However, if your camper takes allergy medicine every morning, please do send it. 3) We cannot dispense medications that are not professionally labeled/packaged (see below). 4) Finally, to save time, keep your camper’s Medication Administration Form and any medications handy in the car rather than packed away in luggage.
  • WHAT’S NEW: All daily/scheduled prescription and over-the-counter oral medications, vitamins, and supplements in pill or chewable form must be blister-packed by a licensed pharmacist. Exceptions include as-needed medications, inhalers/epipens, liquids/creams, and medications already blister-packed as a part of original packaging, all of which must be turned into our Healthcare Team in its original containers/packaging. For more details and instructions, please review our new Medications page.



On check-in day, arrival times will be staggered to make the process as efficient as possible. Our check-in process will look very similar to Summer 2023, with the first step being located inside camp’s gates.

*Please do not arrive earlier than your scheduled check in time.*

*If you have campers in multiple age groups, please arrive at the end of your first time slot.*

  • STEP 1: As you approach Glisson on Camp Glisson Road, depending on the time and flow of check-in traffic, our staff may direct you to turn into the parking lot of Lumpkin County High School to queue in line so that we don’t block our neighbors’ driveways. Our staff will direct you back on to Camp Glisson Road and into camp as soon as possible.
  • STEP 2: Once you pull into camp, the majority of the check-in process will be completed from your vehicle. First, our staff will greet you and check your camper’s temperature. Next, campers that have medications or need a conversation with our Healthcare Team will be directed to pull into our drive-thru Health Checkpoint. The final stop of this initial check-in process will be outside of the Bob Cagle Program Center where our staff will receive your completed Check-In Form, share cabin assignment info, and provide your parking pass.
  • STEP 3: From there, our staff will direct you to park in the closest zone to your camper’s cabin or check-in location based upon your parking pass. After parking, Village and Sparrowwood campers will complete check-in with their counselors at their assigned cabin. Outpost families will complete check-in with their counselors at the Holland Building.


Click the “+” sign below to show the arrival time for your camper’s program/session.  

2:00-2:45 Elementary (except Week 3*)
3:00-3:45  Mini Camp 1 (Sun check-in)
2:00-2:15  Mini Camp 2 (Wed check-in)
*NOTE: Week 3 (June 9-14) full-week Elementary will be split into two arrival shifts:
2:00-2:45 = Lower Elementary (rising 3rd-4th)
3:00-3:45 = Upper Elementary (rising 5th-6th)

3:00-3:45  Mid High (except Weeks 5-6)
2:00-2:45 MH Week 5 (June 23-28)
2:00-2:45 MH Week 6 (June 30-July 5)

2:00-2:45  Elementary
3:00-3:45 Mini Camp 1 & 3 (Sun check-in)
2:00-2:15  Mini Camp 2 & 4 (Wed check-in)

3:00-3:45  Mid High
3:00-3:45  10-Day Trips

3:00-3:45  Senior High
3:00-3:45  10-Day Trips

4:00-4:30    Sparrowwood



Please do not request early, late, or mid-week departures. To ensure the best possible experience for campers, our small group camping model depends on keeping the living group intact all week. Shortened stays at camp disrupt not only the experience of the departing camper, but the experiences of all campers in their living group.


Closing Celebration is an important time for campers and their living groups. For a variety of considerations including space constraints, checkout efficiency, and attendee comfort, we will continue to have two separate Closing Celebrations in the Chapel rather than a single “all-camp” closing in the Holland Building (our gym). At this 20-25 minute celebration, you’ll hear from our Directors about the camp session, catch a glimpse of the faith-forming fun by watching the camp video, and receive important info about the checkout process before being dismissed to check out your camper at their checkout location.

  • STEP 1: On checkout day, our staff will direct you to pull into the Lumpkin County High School parking lot to queue in line until it is time for the gate to open. Please follow staff directions to help make this process as smooth as possible.
  • STEP 2: After the gate has been opened, you’ll be directed to park in the zone as close as possible to your camper’s cabin or checkout location based upon the parking pass you received on check-in day. Please be sure to bring this parking pass with you and display it on your rearview mirror. If you don’t have one, a staff member will have extras to give you upon arrival.
  • STEP 3: After parking, head directly to the Chapel for Closing Celebration. Toward the end of Celebration, campers and counselors will be dismissed to their cabin/checkout locations to prepare for pickup. Parents will remain in the Chapel to receive checkout instructions before being dismissed to checkout their camper at their checkout location.


There will be two different Closing Celebrations on Friday morning in the Chapel. Note that the front gate will open at your arrival time, and that Closing Celebration will begin 15 minutes after your arrival time.

Click the “+” sign below to show the Closing Celebration arrival time for your camper’s program/session.

10:15 am Elementary (except Week 3*)
2:00 pm  Mini Camp 1 (Tue checkout)
10:15 am Mini Camp 2 (Fri checkout)
*NOTE: Week 3 (June 9-14) full-week Elementary will be split into two shifts:
10:15 am = Lower Elementary (rising 3rd-4th)
11:30 am = Upper Elementary (rising 5th-6th)

11:30 am  Mid High (except Weeks 5-6)
10:15 am  Week 5 (June 23-28)
10:15 am  Week 6 (June 30-July 5)

10:15 am  Elementary
2:00 pm  Mini Camp 1 & 3 (Tue checkout)
10:15 am  Mini Camp 2 & 4 (Fri checkout)

11:30 am  Mid High
2:00 pm  10-Day Trips (Tue checkout)

11:30 am  Senior High
2:00 pm  10-Day Trips (Tue checkout)

10:15 am    Sparrowwood


Please note that campers may not be checked out prior to the dismissal of their designated Closing Celebration. Please do not arrive at your camper’s cabin/checkout location until their Celebration has been dismissed.

If you have campers in both Closing Celebrations, please plan to arrive to attend the first Celebration at 10:15am. Checkout of your camper at their checkout location will follow the dismissal of this service. After finishing up the checkout process of your camper, you will then remain on site for the checkout of your additional camper following the dismissal of the second celebration, which will begin at 11:45am.