Summer 2022 COVID-19 Mitigation Plan & Policies

Updated: May 4, 2022


Offering safe faith-forming experiences for campers has been and will always be our top priority. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this has meant monitoring the latest scientific understandings, the current policy recommendations from national health and camping organizations, and the trendlines of virus transmission, hospitalizations, and deaths. With no mandates for camps last summer or this upcoming summer, we have used this information to develop our approach to running camp safely for the variety of populations we serve.

Given current conditions and understandings of the pandemic this spring, we are confident in our ability to operate camp safely this summer with a mitigation plan that relies heavily on our standard and long-standing best practices for limiting the spread of communicable diseases at camp (section A below) supplemented by Covid-specific practices (section B).



With Covid-19 nearing endemic rather than pandemic status in the US, our first efforts focus on the policies and operational realities on which we regularly rely to limit the spread of communicable diseases at camp.

  • SCREENING: We ask that campers and family members who feel sick on check-in day or 24-hours prior not come, whether the symptoms are consistent with Covid-19 or with any other communicable illness. We will continue our practice of employing written screening for illness and temperature checks during check-in.
  • OUTDOORS: The vast majority of our activities take place outdoors, with any large group activities occurring in well-ventilated areas.
  • SMALL GROUPS: By nature of our small group camping model, campers have limited contact with campers and staff beyond those in their cabin and living groups.
  • SANITIZING: We clean and sanitize facilities and touch points on a daily and weekly basis.
  • HEALTHCARE: Our Healthcare Team is onsite 24 hours-a-day to address camper health needs, including assessing symptoms of communicable illnesses. Campers with any communicable illness will not be allowed to remain at camp. Please keep in mind our Cancellation Policy that no refund will be made for any reason after the start of your camp session.



Current rates of spread are low in the areas from which the majority of our campers come; testing continues to be slow and to vary in reliability; and because their effective use requires the correct mask, properly fitted, and worn at all times, masks offer uneven protection against the spread of Omicron variants in the summer camp environment. For these reasons we have adopted the following positions with regard to Covid-19 this summer:

  • RECOMMENDATIONS: We strongly suggest that campers be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 prior to coming to camp. Further, campers whose medical conditions put them at-risk for severe complications with Covid-19 infection should seek the advice of their medical professional before attending camp this summer.
  • MASKS: Mask wearing at camp this summer will be welcome but optional. 
  • TESTING: Our Health Center will have on-site testing capacity, as we did last year, for the purpose of verifying Covid-19 assessments. As stated above, campers with any communicable illness will not be able to remain at camp, and no refunds will be made after the start of your camp session. Families of other campers in the living group and cabin group will be notified of a positive test in their camper’s living group or cabin group.


After careful consideration, we have determined the practices outlined above to be our best practical options for keeping campers safe this summer – and we find it difficult to imagine additional timely, verifiable, and effective measures that we might add prior to the start of summer camp. That said, we have learned over the past two years that Covid-19 will continue to adapt in opportunistic ways. Though we do not currently anticipate changes in the rate of spread, the effectiveness of vaccines, or the virulence of new variants to an extent that would lead us to alter the mitigation plan outlined above, please know that we will continue to monitor conditions and to do what we believe is best in our commitment to keeping campers and staff safe.


We’re looking forward to another summer of faith-forming fun starting in just a few weeks. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, contact us at or (706) 864-6181.


C. Russell Davis
Executive Director



  • Originally Posted: Nov 5, 2021
  • Last Updated: May 4, 2022
  • About This Page: The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving challenge, and so this page is a living document. It was last updated on the date listed above, and will likely be updated again prior to the start of the summer camp season. Please know that future pre-arrival communications with registered 2022 families will include the final details of our mitigation plan.
  • Important Notes: We are in the process of updating the content across the pages on this website to match the above policies. If any program descriptions or policies appear in conflict with what is listed above, please know that this page contains the most up-to-date information. Additionally, please also note that the pictures and videos found on this site were taken during or before Summer 2019 and therefore may or may not reflect the adapted practices and policies listed above.