Safe opportunities for kids to explore God’s creation are becoming less common. Our beginner-friendly outdoor adventure program facilitates teamwork and learning new skills in ways that help campers grow in faith, collaboration, and self-confidence.


To truly become something takes more than study; it takes practice. Our traditional residential camping program is an immersive experience of practicing Christian faith together in ways that translate to all aspects of everyday life.


Sparrowwood is a chance for campers with different developmental needs to be accepted for who they are and celebrated for all they offer. Focusing on abilities helps all involved see we are more alike than different.

“I asked a friend who’d been a camper what ‘Cho Boi’ meant. He said ‘Welcome Home,’ which almost took my breath away. Glisson tells their campers, ‘Welcome home.’ That’s radical acceptance at its finest. No matter who you are, where you come from, what your life is like, you are welcomed home as soon as you get to Glisson.”

– Summer Staffer