PLEASE NOTE: This page has not yet been updated to reflect our adapted policies and protocols for Summer 2021.



Check-In Form

All campers must have a completed Check-In Form prior to arrival.

Print, fill out, and sign this Check-In Form before you arrive for the first day of camp. A completed form is required for check-in. If another adult is bringing your camper to Glisson, complete the form beforehand and send it with your camper.

Campers whose forms, payment or registration are incomplete in any way will be directed to stop by the Welcome Center to complete their registration. Campers who have medication to check-in will be directed to stop by the Infirmary on the way into camp to complete their registration.


Check-in will always begin with our welcoming you in your vehicle. Vehicles will be lined up on the road outside of camp, so please do not arrive before the designated time. Arriving about 45 minutes after the beginning of Check-in will minimize the amount of time you will wait in your car.

The registrar will contact any Village or Outpost campers who have not arrived by 5:00pm and Sparrowwood campers by 6:00pm. Please arrive on time to ensure your camper’s experience begins with his or her peers.
If you do not plan to check-in for the camp session for which you registered, please let us know as soon as possible so that we might contact those on our wait lists.


Village Check-In (including Mini Camp) begins at 3:00 pm on the opening day of each session.


Outpost Check-In begins at 4:00 pm on the opening day of each session.


Sparrowwood Check-In begins at 5:00 pm on Sundays.


Please do not request early, late, or mid-week departures. To ensure the best possible experience for campers, our small group format is reliant on keeping the Living Group intact all week. Shortened stays at camp disrupt not only the experience of the departing camper, but the experiences of all campers in his/her Living Group.

“My daughter comes home from camp each year having made wonderful, new friendships with fellow campers, inspired by loving, and enthusiastic counselors, and closer to God with new spiritual seeds planted in her heart!”

– Parent of Camper