There are multiple ways for you to communicate with your camper during their time at Glisson.


Mail is very important to your camper. Write soon, often and cheerfully! Note that we do not receive or deliver care packages – letters only, please. See below for instructions on how to use our Care Package Add-On feature from our Camp Store.

We’ll encourage your camper to write home at least once. Please send addressed, stamped envelopes and stationery with your campers.

You can either prepare mail ahead of time and place it in daily bins (e.g. “Deliver Tuesday”) or send mail to:

Glisson Camp and Retreat Center
Attn: Camper Name & Cabin Number
690 Camp Glisson Road
Dahlonega, GA 30533


Once camp starts, you may send one-way email to your camper through our Bunk1 service. Login info and other details is emailed directly to registered parents.

Emails will be printed out each morning and delivered with postal mail. Your camper will not have access to a computer and cannot respond to email.


Bunk1 also provides a service for viewing and downloading pictures. Login info and other details is emailed directly to registered parents.

Each day of camp, our photographers take pictures and post them online for viewing and downloading the next day. We strive to get at least one photo of every camper during the week.


Please note that we no longer offer from-home package delivery. While we know many campers have looked forward to receiving a mid-week care package from home in previous summers, we appreciate your understanding as the shift to preset add-on care packages from our Camp Store has drastically reduced the staffing hours spent sorting, checking, and delivering packages each day in previous summers.


If desired, you can add preset care packages from our camp store that will be delivered to living groups at the same time as camper mail. Care package orders must be made in your account no later than 1 day prior to arrival in order to be guaranteed. This year we are offering 3 package types: 1) Snack Care Package = $3; 2) Activity & Snack Care Package = $7; 3) Souvenir & Snack Care Package = $10. More info about each type can be found by logging into your account.


  • 1) Log in to your account to find your camper’s registration listing.
  • 2) Click “Care Package Add-On (Optional)” listed below this listing, and then click “EDIT”.
  • 3) Make your selection of care packages, and then click “SAVE”. When adding these to your camper’s registration, please take notice of the listed care package number limit. If the limit is exceeded, we will reverse the charges on your account for any orders above this limit.
  • 4) Select a saved payment method or key in a new payment method and click the “PAY” button at the bottom of the page.