Pioneer campers (rising 2nd-6th graders) learn basic outdoor living skills at the Pioneer Site, sleeping in Adirondack shelters and cooking meals in the kitchen pavilion. Campers spend one night camping out under tarps on Falls Mountain for a Home-In-The-Woods experience. Participating in outdoor activities helps campers understand their role in their group at camp and how it relates to life back home and God’s call in their heart.

“You get to face your fears and do stuff you’d never do before. You meet some really good people there that help you, and you have the best week of your life.”

– Outpost Camper

Home in the Woods

All Pioneer campers spend one night at Home in the Woods, a site on Glisson’s Falls Mountain. Removed from the conveniences of home, campers practice their newly acquired skills in fire-building, cooking meals, planning and packing for an overnight trip, first aid, knot-tying, and orienteering.