NEW FOR 2024: Please note that, in order to streamline our process and minimize the potential for medication errors, we have a new system for medication administration. For more, see the “Summer Camp Preparation” section of our FAQs Page.

If your child needs special medical attention, contact the camp before registering to confirm that we can provide that care. There are limitations to the medical care we can provide. Registered campers whose needs we cannot meet will be notified and their money refunded.


Prescriptions or necessary, routine medications will be dispensed by the Health Manager, and only from the original package or prescription bottle. The camp will provide over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies.

Health Check

All campers will take part in a visual/verbal health screening at check-in to ensure that they are free from illness or injury that may prevent them from participating at camp.


Glisson provides limited, secondary accident coverage for each camper from arrival to departure. Our insurance does not cover camper illness while at camp.

Health Care

Glisson has a well-equipped and professionally staffed health center. Parents are notified if the camper requires medical care off-site.

Food Safety

Our camp kitchen facilities are inspected and fully approved by the Georgia Department of Health and Environmental Control. Balanced meals are served to campers daily; snacks are available for purchase in the camp store.

“I felt safe leaving my child. It is also so much MORE than just a summer camp. It’s a life-changing encounter with the Creator!”

– Parent of Glisson Camper