Groups grow stronger after working together to make something happen. Trust develops, confidence builds, acceptance is felt, and a team is formed.

Our Challenge Course is designed to create those experiences for our guests – to foster friendships and trust through teamwork.

Each element session is two hours. Make your requests at least 30 days in advance.

Participant Waiver

Low Elements

10-36 participants

This course contains multiple team-building initiatives that do not require helmets, harnesses, or belayers. Since these elements are low to the ground, they only require attentive spotters (the members of the group not currently on the element).

Alpine Tower

10-24 participants

This 50-ft structure is more than just a “get to the top” element; it is a safe and exciting way for participants to push the limits of their fears and – with the help of safety harnesses, belayers and their peers – take on challenges they never thought they could.

Zip Line

10-30 participants

Our tandem Zip Line starts from a launch platform and flies 600 feet along the edge of Lake Neal. A gravity brake system slows riders by sending them uphill so they glide to a gentle stop at the end.

High Elements

10-30 Participants

Team-building in a tree canopy, 25 feet in the air. Elements include the Giant’s Ladder and the High V.

Giant Swing

10-24 Participants

This thrilling swing starts from 30 feet up a tower. Must be booked with Alpine Tower.

Climbing Wall

10-30 Participants

Climb the wall, with six routes of varying difficulty levels. The Climbing Tower is made from a former water tower.